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Saturday, December 1, 2012

+ News
(Please note that news items and movie reviews may contain spoilers)
Seattle Post Intelligencer Elementary Scoop: What Happens When Watson's Job Ends?(CBS)
Daily Beast ‘Elementary’ vs. ‘Sherlock’: Why There’s Room for More Than One Holmes(BBC, CBS)
Latinos Post 'Elementary' Season 1 Episode 8 Recap and Spoilers: 'The Long Fuse'(CBS)

+ Challenges
ADMIN: Voting For Fanfiction Contest Round 2! at wholockians
ADMIN: New Header | Voting For December's Monthly Fanworks Episode & Character! at wholockians

+ Fan Art
A Minion for Mycroft by numberthescars (Mycroft, Mummy Holmes | BBC)
Art for 'In His Image' by numberthescars (Holmes/Watson | BBC)
anywhere i go, you go by augustbird (Holmes | BBC)

+ Fan Fic
(Please check fic in all categories for spoiler warnings)
In Progress
The Bone Fiddle (Chapter 5/13) by htebazytook and vulgarweed(Holmes/Watson | Overall NC-17 | BBC)
Names for the Galaxy (W.I.P.) by parachute_silks (Holmes/Watson | So far PG-13 | BBC)
Professional Boundaries (16/19) by ureshiiichigo (Holmes/Watson | R (eventual NC-17) | BBC)
Past, Present & Future (2/?) by yalublyutebya (Watson/OMC, Holmes/Watson | Explicit | BBC)
Always Something (3/7) by its_art (Holmes/Molly | Teen | BBC)
Gradual Twists - Part 10 & 11 by laurenagarret (Holmes/Watson | M to NC-17 | BBC)
Little Christmas Things - Chapter 1 of 25 - "Deck the Halls" by bradspyjamas (Holmes, Watson | PG13 | BBC)
Ficlet Advent Calendar 2012: December 1 by days_of_storm (Holmes/Watson | G | BBC)

The Holmes Dilemna by jdmcool (Mycroft/Holmes, Holmes/Watson, Holmes/Watson/Mycroft, Mycroft/Watson, Mycroft/Moriarty | R | BBC)
Daybreak by holyfant (Holmes/Watson | G | BBC)
The Promise by grey853 (Holmes/Watson | NC-17 | BBC)
Vespers by peeveee (Fem!John Watson/Fem!Sherlock Holmes | NC-17 | BBC)
More Interesting than a Mild Case of Vomiting by pennswoods (Holmes/Watson | g | BBC)
TORONTO by kalypso_v (Holmes, Watson, Carolyn Knapp-Shappey, Arthur Shappey, Martin Crieff, Douglas Richardson, Mr Birling | Er... G? | BBC/Cabin Pressure)
In Between by mahmfic (Mycroft/Lestrade, 11th Doctor, Sherlock, John, Oswin | PG-13 | BBC)
Build me another and call it Jerusalem by Anonymous (Holmes/Watson | NC-17 | BBC)
Sauced by azriona (Holmes, Watson | G | BBC)
Fire-side by cypress_fic (Holmes/Watson | Mature | BBC)
we move lightly by augustbird (Holmes/Watson | R | BBC)
No Words for This (Yet You're Still Listening) by whitefang3927 (Holmes/Watson | PG-13 | BBC)
Tell Him, Show Him, I Don't Care by flappiedungeon (Holmes/Watson | Teen And Up Audiences | BBC)
Domine, salvum fac Reginam by Anonymous (Holmes, Watson, Mycroft, 'Mummy' Holmes | G | A Study in Emerald)
Works and Days by Anonymous (spoiler/Lestrade; John; Mycroft; Sherlock; Mrs Hudson | R | BBC)

Drabbles, Ficlets and 221Bs
That Which Is Important by mattsloved1 (Holmes/Watson | G | BBC)
X-Rays Tell No Lies, But You Do by mahmfic (Watson, Mels | PG | BBC/Doctor Who)
A Life Gone by mahmfic (Holmes/Watson | G | BBC)
Living A Lie by scandalbaby (Holmes | PG | BBC/Doctor Who)

+ Icons/Graphics
Elementary 101-107 HD Icons by gallicka (BBC)
Not an Advantage (Desktop Wallpapers set) by Anonymous (BBC)

+ Misc
Friday Free For All at augustbird (BBC)
Coming this Sunday at Sherlock60: The Valley of Fear, Part I at sherlock60 (ACD)
 Elementary 108 discussion post at elementarycbs (CBS)
need help finding 2 fics by mondivariose (BBC)

Sherlockmas 2012: Friday Check-in 3 by eanor (BBC)

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