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Saturday, February 2, 2013

+ News
(Please note that news items and movie reviews may contain spoilers)
Radio Times Up close and personal with Sherlock's Martin Freeman - video(BBC)
Radio Times Sherlock's Martin Freeman: I'll punch Benedict Cumberbatch again if I have to!(BBC)
soFeminine.co.uk Could this be the last series for Sherlock? (BBC)
Palatinate The Rise and Rise and Rise of Benedict Cumberbatch (BBC)
Londonist Sherlock Holmes In Sci-Fi And Fantasy (Misc)
'Sherlock Holmes 3' is unlikely to happen this year, says Jude Law (Ritchie)
Eurogamer.net Crimes & Punishments, the New Adventure of Sherlock Holmes announced (Misc)

+ Challenges
ROUND THREE: Main Challenge Rules & Sign-Ups! at sherlock_remix
Friday Drabble Day at sherlockmas

+ Fan Art
Early Hours by detectivelyd (Holmes | pg-13 | BBC)

+ Fan Fic
(Please check fic in all categories for spoiler warnings)
In Progress
Cemetery Road - Chapter 7 by revwestwood (Holmes, Watson, Mycroft, Lestrade, Mrs. Hudson | Teen | BBC)
Saving Sherlock Holmes (29/43) by earlgreytea68 (Lestrade, Holmes, Watson | Teen | BBC)
on his torn and broken wings (2/3) by coloredink (Holmes, Watson | PG | BBC)
Left - 3/8 by lifeonmars (Holmes/Watson | Mature | BBC)
Ghosts That We Knew 4/? by jdmcool (Watson/Sebastian Moran (Past Bilbo/Thorin) | PG-13 | BBC/The Hobbit)
The Seven Great Gestures of Sherlock Holmes (WIP 2/7) by kerzv (Holmes, Watson | PG 13 | BBC)
Shatter the Darkness (Ch. 2) by mojoflower (Holmes/Watson, Stamford, Harry Watson, Molly, Lestrade | Explicit | BBC)
Lydspiration (1/?) by days_of_storm (Holmes, Watson | PG 13 | BBC)
Past, Present & Future (13/?) by yalublyutebya (Watson/OMC, Holmes/Watson | rating | verse)
FAULT LINES Chapter 9 by msroughnight (Holmes/Watson, Holmes/Victor Trevor, Watson/Moran, Watson/Lestrade, Watson/Mycroft, Watson/Others | Explicit | BBC)
Here Be Dragons (11/12) by winter_hermit (Holmes/Watson | PG-13 | BBC)

Proverbs 13:24 (King James) by Taz (Holmes/Watson | Mature | Ritchie)
No Knot Unties Itself by cleflink (Holmes/Watson/Lestrade | NC-17 | BBC)
In Between by marcal_92 (Holmes/Victor, Watson/Mary | PG-13 | BBC)
Upping the Stakes by percygranger (Holmes/Watson | R to NC-17 | BBC)
A Reasonable Explanation by kate_mct (Holmes/Watson | R | BBC)
An origin story by kasiopeia (Holmes, Watson, Gregson | PG | CBS/Harry Potter fusion)
Writer's Block by thissalsify (Holmes/Watson, Holmes/OMCs, Irene/Holmes, Mary/Watson, Watson/OMCs, Lestrade/Watson | Mature | BBC)

Drabbles, Ficlets and 221Bs
Common Time by iwantthatcoat (Holmes, Watson | Gen | BBC)
If we ever meet again by eternally_cave (Holmes/Watson | G | BBC)
A Curse or a Blessing? by mattsloved1 (Holmes/Watson | PG | BBC)
Letters by trillsabells (unspecified | PG | ACD)
Stay (2 versions) by vickyblueeyez (Holmes/Watson | G & M | CBS)

+ Fan Vids/Multimedia
Podcast: Episode 2: Kissing is Tedious by threepatch (BBC)

+ Icons/Graphics
Elementary 113 HD Logofree | 1920x1080 jpg by gallicka (CBS)
Icons #149: Icon Battle "British TV Shows" by immortalje (BBC)
wallpaper, 1x09 by st_ekaterina (CBS)

+ Misc
Discussion post for Elementary 113 - 'The Red Team' by killerweasel (CBS)
Friday Free For All by augustbird (BBC) (Season 3 spoilers)
Coming this Sunday at Sherlock60: The Boscombe Valley Mystery at sherlock60 (ACD)

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