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Saturday, January 21, and Sunday, January 22, 2017

*****Please note: News and reviews may contain spoilers*****

+ News
+ Crafting the Detective: My History of 'Sherlock' Projects
+ 'Sherlock' season 5 renewal news, updates: Future of BBC series in Benedict Cumberbatch's hands
+ Jonny Lee Miller on the new Trainspotting movie and playing Sherlock Holmes
+ Local filmmaker to bring Sherlock Holmes to Barkerville
+ Italy unlocks secrets of its own Sherlock Holmes
+ A series of final problems
+ Sherlock' Season 5 Storyline Revealed: Steven Moffat Picks From 60 Holmes Adventures; Explains Season 4 Finale
+ How Sherlock's Finale Let Down the People Who Loved the Show the Most
+ How Sherlock, and his inventor, came to be

+ Fan Fic

Because we are soldiers, and there is work to be done by beesandbrews (Sherlock, John | PG-13 | BBC)

Drabbles, Ficlets and 221Bs
Resolute by gardnerhill (Sherlock Holmes & John Watson | G | ACD)
The Six Napoleons: Bust to Dust by debriswoman (G | ACD)
The Six Napoleons: The Visitor by thesmallhobbit (G | ACD)
The Six Napoleons: If These Walls Could Talk... by okapi1895 (G | ACD)
The Six Napoleons: Super by gardnerhill (G | ACD)
The Six Napoleons: The Six Detectives by scfrankles (G | ACD)

+ Misc
Mrs. Hudson's Poetry Page: The Six Napoleons by sherlock60 (ACD)
Discussion Post: The Six Napoleons by sherlock60 (ACD) by arianedevere (BBC)
Sunday recs - week 328 Teen!AU and G-PG-13 Romance by sherlockbbc (BBC)

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