jagnikjen (jagnikjen) wrote in holmesian_news,

Monday, Jan 23 & Tuesday, Jan 24, 2017

(Please note that news items and movie reviews may contain spoilers)

+ News
Sherlock and the burden of expectations: BBC show failed to sustain standard it set
New Sherlock video proves that explosion was definitely not CGI
'Sherlock' Season 5: Uncertainty Remains Over the Upcoming Season

+ Fan Fic
FIC: But Where Are The Clowns? (There Ought To Be Clowns...) by daasgrrl (Sherlock Holmes/John Watson, Mycroft Holmes (referenced) | G | BBC)

+ Misc
Monday Prompts at sherlockbbc
That explosion in Episode 13 by swissmarg (BBC)
Series 4 Blu-Ray Steelbook now available exclusively on Amazon by swissmarg (BBC)
Tuesday Beta at sherlockbbc

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