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Wednesday, February 8, to Sunday, February 12, 2017

*****Please note: News and reviews may contain spoilers*****

+ News
+ Elementary's Lucy Liu, Jonny Lee Miller on Sherlock and Watson's 'odd' relationship
+ Sherlock Holmes and the Massacre at Bowling Green
+ 'Sherlock' Series Writer Mark Gatiss Responds To Season 4 Backlash
+ Holmes & Watson Release Date Set for Summer 2018
+ Famous Character Composites Prove Everybody Looks the Same
+ The Fleet's new Sherlock Holmes exhibit holds the clue to big fun

+ Fan Fic
In Progress
Of Dubious and Questionable Memory - 5/? by diandrahollman (Sherlock/OMC,| R | BBC-AU)
WIP: Series: This is where I began. Book V: Animum debes mutare, non caelum, chapter 6 by dioscureantwins (Sherlock, John, Lestrade, OCs | PG-13 | BBC - AU)
Something Rotten - 2/? by _sail_ (Sherlock Holmes/John Watson, Sherlock Holmes/Saga Norén, John Watson/Mary Watson | PG-13 | BBC/XOver)

Challenge Take Literally by el_wing (Sherlock/John | NC-17 | BBC)
La Douleur Éprise by charname (Sherlock/John | NC-17 | BBC)
It's Always the Losing Side
by sunken_standard (Sherlock/Molly | NC-17 | BBC)
Double Bind by sunken_standard (Sherlock/Molly | NC-17 | BBC)

Drabbles, Ficlets and 221Bs
The Solitary Cyclist: Misguided by debriswoman (G | ACD)
The Solitary Cyclist: If ol' Artie Won't Think of the Children... by okapi1895 (G | ACD)
The Solitary Cyclist: Smugness by thesmallhobbit (G | ACD)
The Solitary Cyclist: The Solitary Scientist by gardnerhill (G | ACD)
The Solitary Cyclist: The Cycle of Life by scfrankles (G | ACD)
Drabble Tuesday: Resistance, Combustible, Earache, Bees, Profligate by methylviolet10b (Holmes, Watson | PG-13 | ACD)
The Lady Vanishes by marysutherland (Irene Adler/Lady Smallwood | PG-13 | BBC)

+ Fan Vids/Multimedia
Three Patch Podcast Episode 60A: Series 4 Reaction Roundtable - Extended Cut by threepatch (PG-13 | BBC)

+ Misc
Sunday Recs - week 331 by sherlockbbc (BBC)
Mrs. Hudson's Poetry Page: The Solitary Cyclist by sherlock60 (ACD)
Discussion Post: The Solitary Cyclist by sherlock60 (ACD)
Friday Free for All by sherlockbbc (BBC)
Moffat and Vertue manga signing event in London on 28 Feb 2017 by swissmarg (BBC)
BTS photos from Arwel Wyn Jones by swissmarg (BBC)
Series 4 Wardrobe Items from Sherlock Unravelled by swissmarg (BBC)
Come At Once: Promotional Banners for Round 7 by come_at_once (BBC)
Community Promotion: Come at Once by come_at_once (BBC)
Sherlock60: The Story Continues... with "The Solitary Cyclist" by sherlock60 (BBC)
Come at Once: Sign-ups are open! by come_at_once (BBC)
"The Sound of Sherlock" music panel at BFI by sherlockbbc (BBC)
Thursday Searches by sherlockbbc (BBC)
Wondering (spoilery) Wednesday by sherlockbbc (BBC)
360-degree movable image of morgue by swissmarg (BBC)
Watson's Woes: The community has spoken... by watsons_woes (ACD)
Sherlock Fan Interviews During Filming in London by swissmarg (BBC)

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