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Holmesian News

a Sherlock Holmes fandom newsletter

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Sherlock Holmes Fandom News
Welcome to Holmesian News

Our Team: wraith816 {mod}, 2cbetter2, carolyn_claire, lealila, nathaniel_hp, & talimenios79
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Holmesian News is a daily fandom newsletter covering fanworks for all Sherlock Holmes adaptations. We post links to news items, fanfiction, fanart, icons and graphics, challenges and fests, fanvids and multimedia, and other fandom happenings. Our links are collected from the fandom's major LJ communities through our journal holmes_watch.If you'd rather not crosspost to a community or we've accidentally missed you, you can either comment on the most recent edition or email us at holmes.news@gmail.com. Please include your username, a title, a short list of major characters or pairings, a rating, and note which Holmesian 'verse your work is from.Great! Spots for regular editors come available occasionally, and we can always use backup editors. No prior experience necessary; all you need is some familiarity with LJ and basic HTML. If you'd like to volunteer, email us at holmes.news@gmail.com.221b_recs              sherlockbbc
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If you'd like to affiliate with us, just shoot an email to holmes.news AT gmail DOT com.

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